Caravel group gasket

I believe in transparancy…

This is an Arrarex Caravel group to portafilter gasket. For those who are unfamiliar with these beauties, this is what the first model Caravels look like:


When the factory first sent me transparent samples to try on the machines, I hesitated a bit. As it turns out, I’m a big fan of them. Besides being a perfect fit and having the right elasticity (balancing between durability and easily creating a tight seal when attaching the portafilter to the group), they are also a joy to clean. You instantly see every bit of coffee left on the group, when rinsing this part of the machine after cleaning or during maintenance.

It it made out of FDA (food safe) silicone and is made to fit the Arrarex Caravel. It also fits the VAM Caravel (earliest versions of the machine), although the diameter of that piston is a bit smaller. If you would like a somewhat thicker version of the seal (5mm), I have some of those in stock as well, but wouldn’t recommend them.

5,00€ for export outside Europe
6,05€ incl. 21% taxes within Europe

If you need the piston seals, I have those too.

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