Trukaffe is about exceptional coffee and the great machines we use to make it.

As a lover of vintage home lever machines, I started Trukaffe to share some of the solutions I came up with to breath life back into them. I don’t know what the future will bring and what Trukaffe will become, but anything related to coffee, is bound to be bright.

Now, I’m definitely not the only one traveling the road of helping people with vintage machines. Both Francesco Ceccarelli and Orphan Espresso have already been paving the way for many years. I deeply respect them.

I also owe a lot to the kind people active at users groups like Homebarista.com, Thuisbarista.nl and Koffiepraat.nl.

And then there are the local coffee bars (literally setting the bar) like Caffenation and Normo (dude has a website yet?)  here in Antwerp, with respectively Rob and Jens. Also must be mentioned: Roeland and Isabelle from Zwart Coffee (sigh), Kornél and Broer Bretel